Drive-thru ATM Proposed

Artist Rendering of proposed ATM

Chase Bank representatives attended the June 4 meeting of the Crestwood Planning and Zoning Commission, where they requested approval for a proposed drive-thru ATM to be located on the eastern end of the Schnucks parking lot. The proposed location would consume several rarely used parking spots directly adjacent to the turn lane from the shopping center entrance, into the Schnucks parking area.

Shortly into the discussion of this project by the P&Z Commission, it became apparent that all commissioners shared a concern that this is not the right location for a new ATM.  The main concern related to the narrow traffic point where shoppers turn into Schnucks area of the the lot.  Adding another destination for cars to enter/exit and wait in line didn't seem like the right solution.

Most commissioners expressed support for a new ATM at this plaza, but a "no vote" was all but certain.  So the applicant withdrew the request and agreed to review the site for a better location.

This applicant was previously scheduled to appear before the Board of Alderman at the June meeting, but that appearance was cancelled since an approval by the P&Z Commission didn't happen.  The applicant will likely try again at the next P&Z meeting in early July.