Digitization of City Records

As reported last July, the city received a $5,075 grant from the State of Missouri to help fund the digitization of old city records. Boxes full of ordinances from 1949 – 2013 were sent off for digitization and microfilming. That project is now complete and the city has received the results.

This smaller photo shows the same ordinances on microfilm. In addition, the city received a USB flash drive with a digitial copy of the same ordinances. That file now resides on city servers and is backed up hourly by a third party with redundant locations in different parts of the country.

In addition to retaining a digital copy and the microfilm, the city also sent microfilm versions to the state for preservation in their facility.

More good news - The city was awarded a second digitization grant from the State for over $8,000 and anticipates being able to scan the agendas and minutes from historical Board of Aldermen meetings in a similar manner.