Crestwood Mall Redevelopment - Sad News

Today, the city issued the following press release:

The City of Crestwood has been notified that Walpert Properties, the lead developer on the Crestwood Mall redevelopment project, is not moving forward with their purchase of the property from UrbanStreet Group, LLC. Walpert cited concerns with the current economic climate resulting from COVID-19. The City of Crestwood will continue to pursue redevelopment of the mall property, and will discuss next steps with the property owner.

While many residents have been frustrated at the lack of progress over the years since the mall closed, it still is sad that the latest proposed project will not move forward.

What's next - It's worth remembering that UrbanStreet owns the land, not the city.  As residents, we all want to see something done.  An empty lot doesn't help anyone (including the owner). That said, we can't force the owner to turn the land into a park, or homes, or another high end development. The city is currently evaluating options and provided the following statement:

“We are disappointed and frustrated with this outcome,” said Mayor Grant Mabie. “I intend to work with the City Administrator and the Board of Aldermen to pursue all available redevelopment options. Residents should expect news soon on our next steps. It is imperative that we continue putting forth our maximum effort to bring about the redevelopment of the former Crestwood Mall.”

The City Administrator also stated:

The City is optimistic that the property can be developed. The former mall has been demolished, which was the biggest obstacle to redevelopment. The community surrounding it is strong, and it enjoys a good location on Watson Road. It is also one of the largest developable parcels remaining in St. Louis County inside I-270. 

Despite all the challenges of COVID-19, pursuing redevelopment of the site remains a major priority for Crestwood. This site is the heart of our city, and we are focused on moving forward.

I'm proud to live in Crestwood and I hope that you are too. Even if we don't currently have a new big development, there are still so many aspects that make this a great place to live. I feel that our Mayor and City Administrator have done a fantastic job leading our city government and I am confident in their abilities to guide Crestwood to its best possible future, including development of this site.

Stay tuned.