Crestwood Tops Census Ranking

Wow - Crestwood residents have been busy completing their 2020 Census Responses. 

The city of Crestwood is ranked #10 in the state with a response rate of over 83%. That's better than 900+ other cities in the state.  Grantwood Village holds that coveted #1 spot, with a response rate of 87%. Hmmm - I bet we could do that. 

What?  You haven't completed your census response yet?  

Well now is the time!  If you have ever watched one of those "Finding Your Roots" type of shows, you know how important it could be to your future generations for you to complete this info.  It also is used to help our government figure out how much funding to send to our area.

If you don't have that letter that arrived in your mailbox a while back, you can still easily complete the census online.  When I did mine, it took less less than 5 minutes.

If you are wondering what questions they will ask - click here to see.