Board of Alderman Meeting 4-28-2020

The meeting agenda can be viewed here.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting was held via zoom web-conferencing.  A recording of the meeting can be viewed here (meeting starts around 15:00 minutes into the recording).


There were two public hearings at this meeting...

Electronic Message Sign for Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Sappington Road.  They will be replacing their existing "manual" reader board sign.  They will also be removing a second sign near the entrance.  After the formal questioning required for review of any Conditional Use Permit (CUP), there was minimal discussion and the request was approved.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary for Captiva Healing LLC - As described in my previous post, this request met all requirements for a dispensary and was ultimately approved.  No public comments were received.


Three items were removed from the consent agenda for further discussion, but all needed additional research or changes by city staff and were postponed to a later meeting.  That left only approval of the meeting minutes and one ordinance to be approved:
  • Friends of Animal Control and Rescue - The animal rescue facility located within Whitecliff Park is run by a non-profit organization.  With the "stay at home" restrictions, this organization has been unable to hold their normal fundraising events, and future events are questionable.  They pay rent to the city in the amount of $50 per month.  This ordinance waived that rent for the remainder of 2020, saving the organization $450.


Two related ordinances were discussed and ultimately postponed for future discussion.  They both related to proposed changes to permit requirements for temporary portable restrooms and portable storage containers.  

City staff recommended new language requiring residents to obtain a permit from the City at a cost of $55 any time a portable storage container (e.g. Pod) or temporary portable restroom.  Multiple aldermen thought that this should be relaxed a bit, only requiring the fee if someone wishes to keep it more than 7 days.  Staff seemed agreeable to these changes and agreed to bring back a revised ordinance to a future meeting.