Gateway Resilience Fund

The Gateway Resilience Fund is now both accepting donations AND taking applications.

The Program: The Gateway Resilience Fund makes grants to support employees, essential contractors, and owners of small businesses in the St. Louis region who are experiencing a financial burden due to a disaster or other extreme situation.

Eligibility: You are eligible to apply if you meet both of the following conditions:

  • You are an employee, essential local contractor, or owner of an independent bar, restaurant, entertainment venue, retail establishment, or other small locally owned business in the St. Louis region
  • You have experienced financial burden due to the coronavirus pandemic, a qualifying event.

The situation is fluid and the prioritization of needs will change. However, some potential needs already identified for the most vulnerable include:

  • Essential medicines and food: Ensure that essential medications and food are delivered to those who are quarantined and/or isolated;
  • Technology: Providing technology to seniors so they can communicate while isolated; to children in order participate in online classrooms; and to families so they can stay connected; 
  • Rent/Mortgages/Utilities: To assist those who are quarantined and to those who do not have the option to work from home.
Visit their website (here) to apply.   Donations are also accepted online at their website.