Board of Aldermen Meeting (8/27/2019)

Here is the full agenda from this meeting.


The Blues Mascot (Louie) and Hall of Fame Blues player Bobbie Plager were in attendance and received a copy of the Crestwood Resolution declaring June 2019 as St. Louis Blues Month in the City of Crestwood.   Fun times!

Mayor Mabie presenting a plaque to Bobbie Plager and Louie


Two new members were appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission - Jordan Wilkinson and Todd Bundren.  Mr. Bundren is an Architect and Mr. Wilkinson is a Landscape Architect.  Both are residents of Crestwood and have deep professional experience in their fields.   They are filling vacancies left by retiring members Bo Proffit and Ken Lange who served Crestwood for many years.


The building at 9933 Watson Road presented plans for a project to add floor space onto the rear of the structure.   This was approved 7-0.   This building is owned by Rock Oil Company (also owners of the adjoining Circle K service station).   The owners hope to later open a medical marijuana facility at this location, which would first require approval by the State of MO and approval by the City of Crestwood.   Stay tuned.


At the previous Board of Alderman meeting, the approval of a 5-year contract with Central County Emergency 911 Dispatching Center was up for approval.  One specific clause of the contract called for Crestwood to indemnify Central County, with no reciprocal indemnification.    This is not a standard practice for the City and could potentially open the City to unlimited liability.   At the previous meeting, the board approved the first reading and then tabled the matter until this could be negotiated further.

Since then, the City and Central County have had considerable negotiations, but Central County is refusing to remove the clause from their contract.   However, the Board of Aldermen approved a contract with the offending clause removed at this meeting.   If Central County accepts this modified contract, then all is done.   If they don't, then the City will need to decide between accepting this potential liability or seeking these services elsewhere (e.g. from the City of Kirkwood).   Stay tuned.

Other notable items passed via the Consent Agenda:

  • Renew Active Fitness Program - similar to Silver Sneakers, this program allows residents with qualifying health insurance programs to access the fitness facilities at Whitecliff.
  • Whitecliff Aquatic Center Painting - Each year part of the facility is repainted.  This year the Large Slide, Kiddie Pool Bucket feature, Kiddie Pool slide, and Sun Shade posts will be addressed.
  • Crestwood Park Bathroom Replacement - The aging bathroom facilities at Crestwood Park will be removed and replaced with a new pre-fabricated bathroom building.
School Zone Speeding Signage - The Mayor shared some hurdles and progress regarding new signage warning drivers of the special enforcement zones for Crestwood school zones.   Sappington Road is maintained by St. Louis County and was stating that such signage would not be allowed (for various reasons).   

The Mayor, along with the Crestwood Police Chief and President of Lindbergh Schools all petitioned County officials.   At the time of the meeting, that effort was still in progress, but later that week the County conceded the point and will allow the City to move forward with installation of these new signs.

The next board meeting will be Tuesday, September 10, 2019.