City Hall Flooding - Recovery Process

As has been reported in the media, the City Hall was flooded by a ruptured American Water main on Saturday, August 10.

The Municipal Center is made up of multiple buildings that have been combined into one complex.  As such, there are two separate basement areas that serve the Fire, Police, and Public Works departments.  Both were flooded.   In addition, some of the offices on the main floor had minor flooding.

Crews have been working onsite nearly every day (including weekends).   On the weekend of the flood, dozens of workers from multiple companies and City employees began the clean up effort.  As of August 21 (11 days after the flood), clean-up crews are still on site and there is lots of work still to be done.   All areas are now dry and all city documents and most furniture / equipment have been removed from the basements.

What's next...
  • The Public Works department is currently working at folding tables in the Board of Aldermen meeting room, and any other available offices around the building.
  • A construction trailer has been delivered to the rear parking lot and will serve as temporary offices for the foreseeable future (months or more).
  • An RFP has been issued for construction design and project management services for all of the restoration construction. 
  • There were City Hall construction-related projects already planned for the next few years which will be included in the bidding process and will be evaluated if they should be done at the same time as the restoration project.
  • As drywall was removed from some of the main-floor offices, existing mold was found - apparently from a skylight leak (which will also be included in the construction estimates).
  • MO American Water's insurance company will fund most of the restoration and the City's insurance company will fund some of the "non-flood" related damage (e.g. mold).
  • The City will be responsible for some of the costs (e.g. difference in replacement costs vs. current value of furniture, etc.)
Bottom line - the restoration and construction will be a long process, probably not completed until sometime in 2020.

Construction Trailer to serve as temporary office space

Storage pods and trucks onsite.   More have been moved offsite.