Board of Alderman Meeting (5-28-2019)

Here is the full agenda for this meeting.   There were several notable items presented / discussed:

Recognitions / Proclamations:
  • Two new police officers and one firefighter were sworn in.
  • Citizen's Academy graduates were recognized.   This is the second time the Citizen's Academy was offered and 17 residents attended the 6-week program.
  • The Mayor declared June as St. Louis Blues Month!

Audit Presentation - On an annual basis, external auditors review the books for the City and their findings were presented.   Bottom line, the City received a clean report with no deficiencies nor action items.   The Audit Report is available on the City's website.

New City Code Regulations - all relating to code enforcement issues on old vehicles, visible storage of items and trash, and dangerous structures.
  • A new section 7-38 will be added regarding open storage of inoperable vehicles or public safety hazards.
  • New section 15-35 will be added regarding the City's Municipal Judge to issue search warrants regarding to inspect and abate nuisances and violations to the City's property maintenance and zoning ordinances.
  • New sections 7-180 through 7-191 regarding dangerous buildings within the City.

Awarding street repairs (selective slab replacement) to J.M. Marschuetz to replace concrete on Dalcrest Lane, Raycrest Lane, Arban Drive, Buxton Drive, and Glencrest Drive.

Amending an existing contract with Bond Architects to create a conceptual design for improvements to Whitecliff Quarry (see previous post for more info).

Fire Dispatch Service Discussion - The City has used Central County Emergency 911 (CCE) for fire dispatching services for many years.   In fact Crestwood has been enjoying a significant discount on these services, but CCE is raising Crestwood's pricing to the same level as other municipalities.   To look at options, the City evaluated the possibility of moving this service to Kirkwood.   Several tours of both facilities occurred and pricing was gathered and compared.   After discussion, it was decided that the City should stay with CCE to avoid costs relating to switching services, the level of service provided, and actually it was shown that CCE had a lower total cost to the city (when all equipment, software, and monthly charges were included).   An ordinance allowing the City to proceed will be brought before the board later this year.   The current CCE contract expires on December 31, 2019.

The next scheduled BoA meeting will be June 25.