Board of Alderman Meeting (4-9-2019)

There were only a few items on the agenda this time...

Proclamation - declaring April 8-14, 2019 as "Local Government Week"

Public Hearing regarding Community Development Block Grant - each year the federal government provides local municipalities with a grant to be used for improvements in the community. In years past, Crestwood has spent these on sidewalk repairs, ADA accessible picnic tables, etc. The board approved (8-0) that this year's funds ($23,400) be used to help with ADA improvements to the front of the Government Center.

Unfinished Business - The Brite Worx car wash proposal was back for a second chance. At the last meeting it was voted down, but then quickly added back for "reconsideration", and was thus back for this meeting. After testimony from the applicant, comments from a Crestwood resident, and somewhat moderate discussion from the board - this was again voted down (6-2). The only recourse left for the applicant would be to sue in court (which they did successfully for their proposed site in Rock Hill).

Crestwood Mall Redevelopment Agreement - The existing redevelopment agreement between the City and Urbanstreet expired on April 6, so the board voted (8-0) to extend the agreement for another six months. There was some frustration expressed about how long this process has been taking, with few firm announcements made, but the Mayor reiterated his confidence that we should hear from Walpert very soon and that since their involvement starting last October, Walpert has shown their willingness to be an active partner in this project.

Future Business - Alderman Ayouaz requested that the board consider the creation of special enforcement zones and/or increased fines for speeding in all school zones within Crestwood.  This will probably be added to the agenda for next meeting (April 23).