Grading Permit - Crestwood Plaza Redevelopment

Master Plan (Oct 2018) for Crestwood City Center

At the March 13 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Walpert petitioned the City to allow it to add additional fill dirt to the site (where the old Macy's was located).

Here's an excerpt from the City Planner's Memo to that commission:

The City of Crestwood has received a petition from Crestwood Missouri Partners, in the care of Walpert Properties, to obtain a temporary grading permit for 1 Crestwood Plaza (Crestwood Plaza Redevelopment). The permit would allow the petitioner to relocate approximately 40,000 square yards of off-site fill to the southwestern section of the redevelopment area...

Walpert explained that the fill dirt will come from the MSD tank storage project on Pardee Lane. It will be spread over several acres and raise the level of that area by 4 to 5 feet (bringing it several feet below the grade on Sappington). The dirt will be tested to ensure it complies as "clean fill".

This request was approved by the commission and it will be presented to the Board of Alderman for approval at their March 26 meeting.