MSD Storage Facility - Pardee Lane

The construction trailers are in place and work has begun on the new MSD facility on Pardee Lane (aka - MSD Gravois Trunk Sanitary Storage Facility Project).

This initial work is to move the City's fiberoptic line, which runs from City Hall, into the old Public Works building, and then to the Community Center (Whitecliff).   This communications line is in use and must be removed from the old building and placed in the MSD right-of-way along Pardee Lane. This work is scheduled for a Sunday (when the Community Center is closed) - either 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, or 3/10 - depending on equipment availability.

The end result of the entire project will be the creation of two storage tanks capable of holding up to 7.8 million gallons, two structures and pumping facilities. The project will cost up to $40 million and is funded by the MSD Project Clear.

During rain events, sewage will be pumped to the storage tanks, thus preventing sewage backups into basements, overflows into Gravois Creek, and overloading of downstream sewers. After each rain event, the sewage will be released back into the sewer system when capacity is available. Treatment is provided at the Lemay Wastewater Treatment Plant.

MSD also paid for the brand new Crestwood Public Works facility at 9353 Crestwood Industrial Park.